YPG Clashes with Islamists Near ISIS-Stronghold Jarabulus – YPG-ISIS clashes in a village near Jarabulus.

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Yep, ongoing Islamic State of Iraq and ash-Sham-YPG/PYD clashes in the #Jarabulus area: –

12:00 AM – 8 Aug 2013 

Kurdish Blocs Seek More Unity in Syria?

Al-Parti claims Kurdish parties will meet next Monday in Erbil how to support ‘West-Kurdistan’ and to prevent the monopoly of one Kurdish parties and prevent narrow partisan interests and participation of ‘all Kurdish forces’ in the defence of West-Kurdistan. Moreover, there was a surprise meeting between the Progressive Democratic Party (supported by Talabani) and al-Parti (supported by Barzani).  – /

Turkish Islamist NGO Defends Nusra Against PKK

8.8.2013 – Education Rights Association (Özgür-Der) president Rıdvan Kaya condemns accusations that mujahideen (Nusra/Al Qaida) massacred Kurdish civilians and said that for that just for Kurdish nationalists, Kurdistan is the homeland of all Kurds, for Islam, the whole earth is the homeland for Muslims (so they cannot blame foreign jihadists). The Islamist NGO claimed PKK supports Assad. – Posted 9 hours ago by Wladimir van Wilgenburg /

Turkish TV Reports About Nusra in Tel Ebyad / El-Nusra Hiç canınızı sıkmayın biz sizin için savaşıyoruz-ahaber

8.8.2013 – In the video a ‘Nusra fighter’ is shown who is calling in English on Kurds to return to their houses and that Kurds are Islamic brothers. He is also trying to show that they didn’t loot houses. – Postedby Wladimir van Wilgenburg /

Islamists Capture Yusufiya Near Iraqi Border

Islamists have captured the village of Yusufiya near the Iraqi border and near the Rabia border crossing. The village is mainly populated by the Arab Sharabeya tribe. Shows that YPG can’t capture Yarubiya border crossing yet.

Syrian Observatory for Human Rights · Yesterday at 14:18 · Hasakah province: Rebels the ISIS and al-Nusra attacked a YPG checkpoint between the villages of Jneidiya and al-Yusufiya, by Karkilaki (Ma’abda) city, at dawn today with several tanks and heavy weapons. Intense clashes followed with reports of several ISIS casualties and the destruction of one of their tanks by the YPG, as reported by activists in the area.

    ‘And now the village (of Yusufiya) is under the feet of Jabhat al-Nusra and ISIS, and Ahrar ash-Sham’ said_alshami 1h عاجل ..#القامشلي .#pkk اليوسفية . بالامسالحاجز . والانالقريةتحتاقدامجبهةالنصرةوالدولةالاسلاميةفيالعراقوالشاموحركةاحرارالشام

    تمكّنمجاهدو #أحرار_الشاماليوممندحرحاجزينلمليشياتحزبالـ PKK منمنطقةرميلانفيالحسكة . ‘The mujahideen of Ahrar ash-Sham managed today to capture two checkpoints belonging to the PKK militias in the Rumaylan region of Hasakah’ (Source)

    Yekiti media: ‘And this morning a correspondent for Yekiti media (Kurdish, non-PYD) in Kirkilaki confirmed that Jabhat al-Nusra had captured two checkpoints of the YPG in the village of Yusufia…after violent clashes between the two sides’.

According to Hawar News: (pro-PYD) ISIS/JN groups burned houses of Arab citizens in the village who fled after armed groups took it over and clashes continue in the area between Yusufiya village and Ramalan Bash ( رميلاباش?).

Translation help by Aymenn J Al-Tamimi @ajaltamimi.

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Former Ghuraba Rebel Talks to PKK News Agency

Former Ghuraba al-Sham rebel Zahir Baybars was interviewed by the pro-PKK news agency ANHA. He was captured after Nusra withdrew from Ras al-Ain on the 17th of July and later released by YPG. He has is own armed group after he left Ghuraba al-Sham. He claimed that after the incident between YPG-Nusra there was a ceasefire, but ‘someone’ shot and things broke down. He claims that they and the FSA were accused by Jabhat al-Nusra of handing over Ras al-Ain to the PKK and he claims that fighting with the PKK benefits the system and he worries about the indiscriminate bombing of killed civilians and ethnic war. It’s not 100% sure that he said this.

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