MESOP REPORT : Essential & Urgent Needs of Kobane / Reconstructing Board – Spokesperson: Idris Nassan

22 Feb 2015 – A SUMMARY – Health care: There were four hospitals- 2 destroyed completely and 2 damaged between 20 – 50 %. The private clinics and pharmacies are hard damaged. So there is very urgent need to a medical point or a hospital that can provide medicine and health care to thousands of civilians in the city and the countryside.Infrastructure:It was planned by the Syrian regime for majored Kurds people Kobane to depend on the neighboring towns and cities (Manbej, Sirrin and Shekhlar) for its drinking water, electricity and flour.

After ISIS has controlled these places since two years, they have besieged Kobane to submit its people to their extremist thoughts, so they cut drinking water, electricity and flour from Kobane. The Democratic Autonomous Administration looked for alternatives, so we made a drinking water project which depends on getting water from wells, pure and distribute it via the existing network. But the attacks destroyed it after two months of work, so no pure drinking water and Kobane depends on unclean water form own wells. The sewage tubes and electricity networks inside the city are destroyed completely, too.

Education: There are 19 schools in the city – 4 are destroyed completely and the others damaged from 20 – 80%.

In general:We are preparing 40 acres of land in west of the city to build a camp of 1000 tents for civilian people who are returning home and their houses are destroyed completely. The camp will have a medical point, 4 tent schools, a security point and other public services. So we are in urgent need of help to build the mentioned camp. There is also very urgent need of food, medicine, drinking water and clothes for about 25000 people live in the city and villages of Kobane. The number increases every day because hundreds of civilians are returning back from Turkey. Kobane Reconstructing Board – Spokesperson: Idris Nassan – 20/ 2/ 2015