MESOP recommendation: Kurdistan Women’s Rights newspaper Nr.16

Watch the new edition for Women’s Rights newspaper Nr.16 printed today by WADI with support from Hivos . This issue contains the following topics in Kurdish, if anyone is interested in any topic we can send more details:

Page 1: –  Main sheet ” Kalar court , another session of  trial for Nigar Rahim case ,  Nigar 14 years old girl was raped by one of her brothers and after she was pregnant another brother killed her to protect the honor of the family. – –  Shelter justice media and NGO , seminar organized by IREX   –  Parwaz Husain first Kurdish young singar in Arab Idol lets support her by sending SMS to number 6.

Page 2: – Long report about the mediation committee which was created by court for implementation law number 8 for combating family violence , by  shanga Rahim. – Legal advice by lawyers WOLA team. 

Page 3: – UPR 2010 criticize the situation of women in KRG  , report by Jwan Jamel -Erbil.

Page 4: – interview with Shayda famous actor and journalist holds master degree from Sorbon. – Early Marriage for minors in Kurdistan , analysis for the statistics. – detail of  Shelter justice media and NGO , seminar organized by IREX.