“I find the ongoing peace process quite positive”

Peace and Democracy Party delegation returned from their visit to PKK leader bringing Öcalan’s message that urged the Turkish government to proceed with its next move towards peace. Selahattin Demirtaş, one of the delegates and co-chair of Peace and Democracy Party, read Öcalan’s message in a press conference upon their arrival to Ataköy Marina.

“I am sending my greetings and regards to Turkey’s people and press. I find the ongoing process quite positive. The goal here is the democratization of Turkey. We are struggling to to achieve that. A new appeal will aim to enhance this process. I am going to announce it on March 21. It will contain valuable information both on political and military aspects. I want to put an end to clashes without losing any more soul. I find the support of parliament and political parties important for the practical aspect on the resolution of the Kurdish question. I hope that the parliament will realize what is necessary to expedite and enhance the ongoing peace process. I am hoping to inform the public with more details on the days to come,” Öcalan said.