Russian bombs damage British-funded bakery designed to help 18,000 Syrians – The air strike on the Syrian village of Hazano came hours before the DFID-funded facility was due to open

By Lauren Williams, Gaziantep, Turkey – 29 Jan 2016 – TELEGRAPH UK – Russian warplanes severely damaged a British-funded bakery in northern Syria a few hours before the facility was due to start providing food for 18,000 people.

Hundreds of civilians have been killed by Russian air strikes since the onset of the Kremlin’s intervention on Sept 30. The targets of Russian bombs have included mosques, field hospitals and schools – all of which should enjoy protection under international humanitarian law.

The raid on the rebel-held village of Hazano in Idlib province was the latest occasion when a British-funded humanitarian facility was hit. Eight people were killed – including three children – during this air strike on Jan 20.The attack took place at around 3pm on the day the bakery was due to open. Russian warplanes fired two rockets into a residential apartment just 30ft from the bakery, killing two families inside and injuring over 100 people.The bakery was so severely damaged that it was prevented from opening. The facility was supposed to help feed over 18,000 civilians in the area, including thousands of refugees who had fled nearby combat zones.