MESOP: PUK & KURDISH ISLAMISTS WELCOME IRANIAN DELEGATION – Leader ordered full support to Iraqi Kurds: representative

1 June 2015 – Kurdpress – The Representative of the Islamic Revolution Leader in Kurdistan Province told a visiting group of clerics and religious scholars from Kurdistan Region of Iraq that Leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has ordered full support to Kurds in Iraq in the wake of the developments in the country. Ayatollah Husseini Shahroudi reiterated on unity among Muslim, and Islamic clerics in particular, in a meeting with the Iraqi Kurdish region’s religious delegation from Kurdistan Islamic Community (Komal), Islamic Unity (Yak Gertu), Islamic Movement and Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK). Shahroudi welcomed the delegation into Iranian Kurdistan and expressed his hope that visits between Iranian and the Kurdish region’s clerics and religious scholars would increase.

He further pointed to the historical tie between Iraqi and Iranian Kurds which will pave way for further relations and said the holy religion of Islam would tighten fraternity between the two sides, stating that Iranian Leader is very fond of Kurds and has ordered support to Kurds whenever a threat has endangered them. He went on to say that the Leader’s support was the reason behind the Islamic State’s (IS) failure in gaining its goals in Kurdistan Region.Shahroudi continued that the Islamic Revolution Leader stressed in his 2009 visit to Kurdistan Province that Kurds are not a threat but an opportunity. The leader’s representative stressed that Kurds are Muslim and Iranian and Iran makes no difference among them and unity between Shiites and Sunnis in Kurdistan proves the reality. He further stressed on the role of Sunni clerics along with Kurdish Muslim Peshmerga, Basijis and the army in boosting security from the beginning of the Islamic Revolution till today.