MESOP : POST OR ANTE BARZANI ? – Kurdistan parliament to probe fight between lawmakers

By RÛDAW 25 March 2015 – ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – The speaker of the Kurdistan Regional Parliament has formed a committee to investigate an incident in which two parliamentarians attacked another lawmaker in the legislature’s auditorium.

The incident occurred before a session of Wednesday’s parliament when Mardan Khidr and Nazim Harki, both of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), allegedly punched Ali Hama Salih, a member of the opposition Goran Party, a Rudaw reporter inside parliament said. According to witnesses, the altercation erupted when the three parliamentarians argued over the extension of President Masoud Barzani’s term, which is set to end in two months. Parliament Speaker Yusuf Mohammad quickly announced the formation of a committee to look into the incident.