MESOP : PKK KILLS KURDS ON TEHRAN ORDER – Clashes Between PKK and KDPI Continue; Heavy Machine Guns Used / PKK guerrillas set up checkpoints in the area

Basnews | Hoshmand Sadiq – 24.05.2015 – SIEDAKAN – Local Kurdistan Region Security in Siedakan, north of the KRG capital Erbil, has reported clashes between the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran (KDPI). Heavy machine guns and RPG are said to have been used in the fighting. Kurdistan Region Security forces in Siedakan, one the Iranian border, told BasNews on Sunday that the fighting which started earlier today when the PKK attacked KDPI Peshmerga forces in Keleshin is continuing, with weapons such as BKC, DShK and RPG being used by both sides.

“PKK guerillas have setup a number of checkpoints near the clashes to prevent movement by villagers around the area,” added the local security source who spoke on condition of anonymity. KDPI Peshmerga have informed the source that their causalities continue to rise. Following the outbreak of clashes, the KDPI released a statement which confirmed the PKK attack, saying that three Peshmerga have so far been killed, and up to twenty wounded. The KDPI has accused the PKK of colluding with Iranian authorities to prevent Kurdish Iranian opposition parties conducting operations in the area.