11 June 2014 –  The bandit-marauder ISIS organization backed by some international and reactionary regional forces is posing many threats to South Kurdistan. This bandit organization whose main aim is the elimination of the entity and freedom of the Kurds, has been carrying out bloodthirstily attacks against the Kurdish people in Rojava for two years. But it suffered successive blows and historic defeats against the heroic resistance of YPG forces and the people of Rojava.

Failing to achieve its aims in Rojava Kurdistan, it has now started to

launch brutal attacks on South Kurdistan. ISIS is now fighting against

the patriotic and resistant line of struggle in the Middle East.

Eliminating all the gains of the Kurdish people and especially the

gains of South Kurdistan is the main aim underlying the invasion of

Mosul.  It is an urgent necessity for all the oppressed people to

struggle and resist against these attacks so that they will be able to

establish a free and democratic Middle East in which all the peoples

can live a democratic life in peaceful co-existence, free of any kind

of ethnicism and sectarianism and far from nation-state mentality. All

the peoples of the region, including the Kurds, Arabs, Assyrians,

Turkmens, and Armenians should come together and carry out a common

struggle against the brutalities.

       Today, the gains of Kurdistan are under an open threat. But

Kurdistan is no longer defenseless. The guerrillas of Kurdistan are

ready for the defense and security of Kurdistan, particularly of

Şengal and our people in South Kurdistan who are under threat. Under

any circumstances whatsoever, the guerrillas of Kurdistan are able to

retaliate against any ISIS attacks. In order to ensure the security of

our people in South Kurdistan, our guerrilla forces are ready give any

kind of support and fight actively,  side by side with the peshmerga

forces. These attacks on the gains of our people in Rojava and South

Kurdistan have once again demonstrated the fact that, unless all the

four parts of Kurdistan are freed, no part would have a lasting and

certain guarantee. Therefore, there is an urgent need for Kurdish

national unity in order to both defend our people’s gains in Rojava

and South Kurdistan and to materialize the total emancipation of our

people. We call on all the organizations and struggling forces of

Kurdistan in the four parts to hold the Kurdish national congress and

materialize our people’s century-old dream of Kurdish national unity.