PKK Surround Iranian Kurdish Peshmerga on KRG-Iran border / Peshmerga are creating problems, says PKK official

Basnews | Hoshmand Sadiq – 23.05.2015 – QANDIL – In the Kielashin region on the border between the Iraqi Kurdistan Region and Iranian Kurdistan, Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) guerrillas have surrounded a number of Peshmerga from the Iranian opposition party, the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran (KDPI). A PKK official says they are trying to resolve the situation.

On Thursday May 21st, a number of KDPI Peshmerga deployed around Kielashin. The area is on the border between the KRG and Iran and close to the Kurdish Iranian city of Shino in Urmia Province. The Peshmerga they have been surrounded by the PKK fighters, and are being prevented from leaving. A senior official from the KDPI, speaking on condition of anonymity, confirmed to BasNews on Saturday that their Peshmerga are surrounded by the PKK. “Yes, our Peshmerga are currently surrounded by PKK fighters and we are in talks with a PKK representative to resolve the problem,” said the KDPI official. The official said that so far the KRG hasn’t taken any steps to try to solve the problem. He said that they don’t want the issue to get out of hand.

Damhat Agid, head of the PKK foreign relations, told BasNews that the KDPI Peshmerga wanted to establish a base in the area and they are preventing them from doing so. “Several KDPI Peshmerga came to the area, which has been under our control for a long time. They wanted to establish a base in the area, but we have insisted they leave the area immediately,” said Agid. “However, the KDPI Peshmerga haven’t yet left. We are in talks with them to solve the problem and we don’t want to complicate the issue,” added the PKK official. He said that KDPI Peshmerga had taken the action merely to create problems for the PKK in the area.