MESOP : “NO”! – JOINT FRONT CONTRA ISIS ! – Kurds Reject Maliki’s Emergency Law Request

13.06.2014 – BasNews, Baghdad – Kurds have rejected the Iraqi Prime Minister’s proposal of imposing an emergency law in Iraq after the Islamic State in Iraq and Sham (ISIS) swept cities and towns in Northern Iraq this week.

On Thursday, Iraqi Parliament was expected to hold talks on the current crisis, but only 122 members were present for the emergency meeting and the session was postponed indefinitely. According to information obtained by BasNews, many Parliament blocs won’t vote in favor of the law, which Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki requested a few days ago. The law comes in response to ISIS militants taking control of major areas of the Sunni triangle in Northern Iraq, including Mosul and the Salahaddin Province. “We have not yet been informed about the parliament session which was to be held Thursday Morning,’ said Shwan Muhammad, Kurdish MP in the Iraqi Parliament.

He was confident that if the meeting takes place, all Kurdish MPs will reject the draft law, and feels that other Iraqi Sunni blocs would do the same.Another Kurdish MP, Azad AbuBakir said Kurdish MPs from the Kurdistan Alliance bloc refuse to decide on Maliki’s request until the meeting takes place. Kurds are not for the request of emergency law spanning over the whole of Iraq; the rule must be specific for the situation in each city.

This past week, ISIS took control of Mosul and nearby towns; they are preparing to head towards other cities near the Iraqi capital of Baghdad.