MESOP NEWS : THE REST OF ISIS REVENUE – Today’s Brief: ISIS Coffers Draining, What’s Next? / CYPHER BRIEFING



ISIS was once described as the richest terror group in history. Now, its revenue streams are drying up, due to military victories by the U.S.-led coalition in Iraq and Syria.ISIS’ control of large swaths of territory created profits from taxation and extortion, as well as the sale of illegal oil and antiquities. Territory loss has decimated these revenue streams.

It’s estimated that ISIS’ profits have dropped by as much as 80% since 2015. In response, the terror group may rely more heavily on traditional terrorist fundraising methods, like criminal enterprises and external donations.

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Leslie Ireland, former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Intelligence and Analysis: •”ISIS is going to need to raise money somehow. That’s not to say that the group will no longer try to extort money in the territory that they may be able to hold, but the most likely avenue at this point is going to be external fundraising.”

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Patrick Johnston, senior political scientist at RAND Corporation: •”The geography of ISIS’ modest current level of territorial control still provides ample opportunity for plunder: ISIS will continue to exploit its presence along the Iraq-Syria border to confiscate cash, cars, contraband and other property.”

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