MESOP NEWS SUMMARY : MURAT KARAYILAN DEAD OR ALIVE ? – Turkish Media Claims Senior PKK Official Killed

A source from PKK rejects the report (CLICK LINKS BELOW)

ERBIL — 26 May 2016 – Some Turkish media outlets have claimed that a senior Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) official has been assassinated by the Turkish special forces.

On Thursday, May 26th, several Turkish media outlets reported that a group of Turkish special forces’ commandos, know as ‘Bordo Bereli’, have carried out an operation in Qandil mountainous areas and killed Murat Karayilan, the leader of the military wing of PKK.

A source from PKK, who spoke on restrict condition of anonymity, rejected the reports and told BasNews that these rumors aim to damage the morale of Peoples’ Defense Forces (HPG) guerrillas —an armed wing of PKK.
“There is no truth to the reports, and Karayilan is not assassinated,” said the source.

BasNews has learned from other sources that PKK’s policy is to keep its own guerrillas and the public in the dark about the death of PKK leaders and senior officials.

Links for the reports are provided below:…/murat-karayilan-olduruldu-iddi……/357902……/1967865-murat-karayilan-oldu-mu-pkk……/murat-karayilan-olduruldu-iddi…–9…/