MESOP NEWS SPECIAL : PUTIN’S “MASKIROVKA” – Russia’s Military Doctrine of Deception

Maskirovka, which is Russian for “masking” or “camouflage,” is a foundational component of the Russian intelligence and military mindset.

With maskirovka, fog of war is not merely the natural byproduct of combat, but a deliberately manufactured feature of military operations intended to increase ambiguity and indecision in opposing forces.

  • Maj. Gen. Vlodoymyr Havrylov, Defense Attaché of Ukraine in the United States: “Under the Russian Federation, the term maskirovka has evolved from tactical camouflage in military operations to a broader set of means of denial and deception on a strategic level.”
  • Robert Dannenberg, former head of security for Goldman Sachs: “A classic and current example of the use of maskirovka is the operation leading to the annexation of Crimea in 2014, with the insertion of Russian troops in unmarked uniforms…[while Russia denies] any knowledge of or responsibility for the operation.”

    Also – more from Dannenberg:Part of the answer [to maskirovka] needs to be awareness in the mainstream media and social media providers of disinformation efforts and cooperation in the identification and removal of such content.