MESOP NEWS SHOCKING REPORT : Civilians are subjected to murder, rape and arbitrary arrest by Shabihahs amid a security breach in Aleppo

 17 / 6 / 2017 – 24 Aleppo News –   Violations of Assad’s forces in Aleppo have reached an unprecedented level that they are now bragging about their crimes against civilians in public. The locals are now living in a state of fear for they are afraid of falling victims to the barbarity of those ‘Shabiha’, whom Assad regime and Russia, who has imposed a trusteeship in the city of Aleppo since late 2016 in which the city was handed over to Assad’s forces, have not held accountable for their awful actions.

9 Assad’s forces, or Shabihas, have kidnapped a 17-year-old girl in the Sayf Dawlah neighborhood of Aleppo and took turn on raping her. Last Wednesday, shabihahs w kidnapped and raped a girl in public in the Maydan neighborhood, and dispersed the crowds of civilians by the firing of live bullets. This coincided with the opening of fire on a civilian named ‘Amar Al-Aqra’ in Aleppo’s New City. A day before these cruel events, a child was run over by Assad militiamen in the Furqan neighborhood, resulting in his immediate death. Another child died after being hit on purpose by a car driven by Assad’s forces in the Heidariyah neighborhood.

On June 05, pro-Assad forces arrested an old man in the SalahEdeen neighborhood on charge of appearing on a tv channel and speaking about the Sheikh Maqsud’s passageway. On June 03, Assad militiamen raped a woman and her daughter in the Qaterji area east of Aleppo, without their neighbors being able to save them from those rapists due to fear of being killed.  The Assad-air intelligence branch in the city also arrested several civilians, including women and children, in the Firdawss neighborhood on May 30, 2017. This was in connection with the arrest of an old man at the Razi oven after a fight between him and some Shabihah, who had severely beat him.

A month ago, a group of Assad’s forces arrested and assaulted a chairman in the Mirdan neighborhood for unknown reasons. The Shabihahs are taking advantage of the power and authority given to them by Assad in the city to do anything they want to without being held accountable.

A raid campaign was also carried out by the air intelligence on civilian-owned houses in Tariq Al-Bab neighborhood, arresting 14 civilians, including three women and two children. A day before the raid campaign the branch humiliated and arrested a woman and her husband in the Shaar neighborhood.

There are unconfirmed reports about Russia withdrawing 200 of its security members in the city of Aleppo after a Russian patrol was attacked on the highway of the Aleppo airport, which Assad’s forces are prevented to enter it by Russia. On Thursday, Russian patrols raided headquarters of the people’s committees, arresting all those they found inside.

The crimes of Assad’s forces are not limited to Aleppo city, but also the countryside. Several days ago, as Assad’s forces were executing five civilians, another group of Shabiha raped a woman before executing her in the village of Rassm Faleh Saghir near Maskana in Aleppo’s eastern countryside.

Assad’s forces also set fire to several civilians homes in the village of Umm Hajra near Maskana before looting all their property. They also executed three civilian in the village of Al-Farriyah in the same region. Iran-backed militias executed eight people in the Batushiyah area on alleged charge of affiliation with Daesh.

June 14 marked the third anniversary of the death of ‘Almah Shahud’, known as Al-Hura, in Jordan after being subjected to all kinds of psychological torture and rape in Assad-run prisons.