MESOP NEWS SCANDAL : Child Soldier Killed in Clash After Being Recruited by PKK in Rojava

2 July 2017 – BasNews – ERBIL — A Syrian Kurdish child, who was reportedly forced into military actions by the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) affiliated forces, was killed on Saturday during military confrontations.

Mohammed Izzadin Karami, 13, lost his life while taking part in the clashes between the PKK affiliates and other Syrian opposition forces in villages around Afrin, Syrian Kurdistan (Rojava), a source close to the family of Karami confirmed the report to BasNews.The source, who wished to remain unidentified due to security risks, stated that Karami was recruited by PKK a few months ago even though he was underage.Earlier this week, US State Department released a report on human trafficking across the globe, saying that PKK and several other militias are recruiting child soldiers and sending them to battlefields which is against the international laws and human rights principles.