MESOP NEWS RECOMMENDATION : The Eyzidis Perceptions of Reconciliation and Conflict

مفهوم المصالحة والصراع لدی الأيزيديين

ڕوانگەی ئێزديه‌كان بۆ ئاشتەوایی و ململانێ

12 Oct 2017  This report focuses on the Eyzidi (Yezidi) community, one of the largest minority groups in Iraq, and their perceptions on conflicts and future reconciliation following the Islamic States invasion in 2014. The violence inflicted on this community by IS, combined with long-standing historical grievances, make their views on and attitudes toward the concept of reconciliation particularly relevant for the future stability of Iraq.  By focusing on the question of what reconciliation means to the Eyzidi community in Iraq, this study aims to map historic and more recent grievances, intra- and inter-community conflicts and tensions, and uncover community-held perspectives on conflict and reconciliation. Read full paper