U.S. Special Operations Forces’ Changing Mission in the Middle East | Fritz Lodge, The Cipher Brief
Special operations forces offer policymakers flexible, effective, and discreet ways to deal with the region’s complex conflicts, but many worry that overreliance on SOF could undermine readiness. How has the role and tempo of operations for SOF in the Middle East changed and what measures, if any, will President Donald Trump take to relieve some of the stress placed on U.S. special operations forces deployed to the region?

Expert Commentary

Don’t Overcommit U.S. Special Operations Forces | Brigadier General (Ret.) Russell Howard, Director, Monterey Terrorism Research and Education Program
“Special operations forces are the force of choice for just about everything now, not just special missions. This is because they are so effective and they do so well. But I think that we are deploying them to do things that they don’t necessarily have to do.” Read all

SOF’s Evolving Role: Warfare “By, With, and Through” Local Forces | Linda Robinson, Senior International Policy Analyst, RAND Corporation
The parlous situation of Afghanistan may require more SOF, whose training and advice have made that country’s commando forces into very effective fighting units. In a turbulent world, hard decisions will be required about where SOF are most needed, and how other countries’ SOF may be able to help. Read all