MESOP NEWS : Joint Statement January 23, 2016 – SYRIAN DEMOCRATIC OPPOSITION

In light of the continued humanitarian disaster and bloodshed in Syria; the ongoing war crimes by the Assad regime and its allies, Iran and Russia; and the rapid pace of political developments, the Syrian revolutionary forces have decided upon the following:

We affirm our support, within the parameters of the principles of the Syrian Revolution, for the political process. We emphasize our stance that provisions 12 and 13 on humanitarian issues of United Nations Security Council Resolution 2254 (2015) must be fulfilled in full, especially since the importance of these provisions has already been affirmed in the previous Security Council resolutions 2118 (2013), 2139 (2014), and 2165 (2014). We consider the fulfillment of these provisions a basic human right without which it is impossible to begin the negotiating process.

We affirm that the United Nations and the international community are responsible for the continued siege, starvation, and bombardment of civilians by dint of its failure to oblige the regime concerning the aforementioned Security Council resolutions.

We fully and categorically reject Russian dictates. We fully and categorically reject Russia’s interference in the political process by way of military aggressions, political extortion, and barefaced meddling in the affairs of the opposition delegation.

We hold the Assad regime and its Russian ally responsible for any failure of the political process due to their continued war crimes, including the killing, besiegement and starvation of civilians; their destruction of essential infrastructure, schools, and border crossings; and their overall refusal to fulfill United Nations Security Council resolutions concerning humanitarian affairs before the start of negotiation

National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces Islamic Union of Ajnad al-Sham Tahrir Homs Movement Division 13
Southern Front Leadership The Tribes Division Al-Sham Front The 1st Coastal Division
Northern Front Amoud Horan Division Ahrar Horan Union The Military Council in Qunaitera and Jawlan
Jaish al-Islam Division 24 Infantry Ahrar Albadiyah Union Sultan Murad Eddin Division
Al-Sham Legion Al-Maghawir First Division Qasyun Brigades Fifth Brigade
Al-Yarmouk Army Ansar al-Sham Battalions Alhamza Division Division 312
Ansar al-Islam Front The 10th Coastal Division Jaydour Horan Brigade 40 Battalions
The Central Division The First Regiment Ghassan Twirish Brigade Al-Mu’tasim Brigade
Jaish al-Nassir Al-Asala wal Tanmiya Front Fajr al-Tawhid Division
Al-Sham Revolutionaries Battalions Division 16 Infantry Jaish al-Ezza
Al-Tawhid Army Al-Safwah Al-Islamiyah Battalions Homs Legion
Al-Shamiya Front Al-Mujahideen Army Furqan Brigades
Suqur Jabal al-Zawiya Brigade


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