MESOP NEWS : Italy sends cache of ammunitions to Kurdistan Region

ERBIL – 4 Feb 2015 – BasNews –The Italian Ambassador to Iraq has revealed that his country has sent 30 tons of weapons and ammunition, as well as deploying 200 military advisors to the Kurdistan Region to train the Peshmerga.On Tuesday Massimo Marotti visited Suleimaniyah province where he held a press conference outling the support Italy has provided to the Kurdistan Region since October 2014.

Marotti also noted that they have participated in the war against Islamic State (IS) as part of the US-led coalition supporting the Peshmerga.“We have provided anti-tank weapons to the Peshmerga,” he said, “And we will train them how to defuse IEDs planted by insurgents.”The Italian government has provided $3 million humanitarian aid to refugees and displaced people in the Kurdistan Region, said Marotti, and his government will continue their support.