MESOP NEWS : Islamists trained In Tehran and sent to illegally to Turkey

Rojhelat info – News – 16 May 2015 – According to ROJ News Agency, Islamists from Afghanistan and Armenia who have joined ISIS, are being trained in Tehran, capital city of Iran, and after their training they will be sent to the borders areas between Mako (Rojhelat, eastern part of Kurdistan) and Serhed (Bakur, northern part of Kurdistan) and from there, border traders are transferring these Islamists by crossing the borders to the northern part of Kurdistan and Turkey.

One of the border traders informed ROJ News that “the Islamists brought from Afghanistan and Armenia to Tehran for training, will afterwards be transferred to Turkey illegally.” Most of the traders are Kurds and they do cross-border trade because of poverty and unemployment, in the border areas of Rojhelat (or northwestern Iran), however now they’ve become guides for these Islamists and receive a great amount of money. The people from these areas do not have other jobs, and in addition to this they compete internally on who gets the most money to feed their families. According to the source, some of them do this job on willingly and others do it only because of money. One of traders said to ROJ News: “The relation between Turkey and ISIS is very noticeable. We brought ISIS to Mako and from here we take them to Serhed, and after crossing the border they will be welcomed by Turkish soldiers.”