MESOP NEWS : ISIS “blow up high buildings & Peshmerga penetrate its communications system

22 January 2015 – Shafaq News / ISIS militants blew up high buildings in Sinjar, northwest of Nineveh province, especially those overlooking the main road between the south and west of Kurdistan Region, fearing from the control of Peshmerga forces on them.A Kurdish military official told “Shafaq News” that “ISIS deliberately bombed high-rise buildings in Sinjar districts’ center, because if these buildings would be controlled by “Peshmerga forces “; they will control the main road leading to the district of the western road to Kurdistan, which will   lead to cut the connections with ISIS armed men in Sinjar with Syria.

He pointed out that the militants organization launched on Wednesday, three attacks from the west, south and east on Peshmerga forces that managed to thwart them and said, “we penetrates ISIS communications system and heard militants, and we know that they have suffered a lot of dead and wounded” .. stressing the lack of casualties among “Peshmerga”.The Security Council’s adviser of Kurdistan Region, Masror Barzani, described the military operation, launched by “Peshmerga” forces on Wednesday, west of Mosul as “a success”, and resulted in the death of 200 militants of ISIS terrorist organization.”ISIS organization tried to launch a counter-attacks on sites controlled by Peshmerga, but all attempts failed because of air strikes of the international coalition forces and the plans of Peshmerga.” Peshmarga forces have controlled on 20 of last December, the border between Iraq and Syria in the area between Rabia sub-district and Sinjar district after fierce battles with ISIS that controlled the area since last August, and large areas of Nineveh Plain after fierce battles with Peshmerga forces, forcing ISIS to withdraw from the region.