MESOP NEWS : Iraqi PM Concerned About US Congress Bill, Calls White House / Haider Al-Abadi speaks to US Vice President Joe Biden

Basnews – 03.05.2015 – WASHINGTON – Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi has called United States Vice President Joe Biden, to express concerns over a bill before the US congress. If approved, the bill will allow the US to arm the Peshmerga and Sunni tribal militias directly.

According to a White House statement, on Saturday night Biden spoke with al-Abadi, regarding the latest situation in Iraq and the fight against Islamic State (IS). The Vice President reaffirmed the US commitment under the Strategic Framework Agreement to a united, federal, and democratic Iraq, as defined in the Iraqi constitution. “He further reaffirmed, pursuant to this commitment, that all US military assistance in the fight against [IS] comes at the request of the Government of Iraq and must be coordinated through the Government of Iraq,” added the White House statement. The Vice President and Prime Minister also spoke about recent security developments inside Iraq. Biden underscored America’s commitment to help Iraqis reclaim their territory from IS militants. Abadi expressed appreciation for US coordination and the support provided by international coalition air strikes. The leaders emphasised their commitment to working together to defeat IS and help Iraqi forces protect Iraq’s sovereignty and independence.