MESOP NEWS EXCLUSIVE BY ZAMAN AL WASL : Iran runs secret missile facilities in Tartus: SYRIA ce

| 2017-07-23 16:59:21 – (Zaman al-Wasl)- Well-informed military sources provided Zaman al-Wasl with more information the Iranian long-range missile facility in Hell Valley, or Wadi Jehanam in Tartus province which also host several secret military projects.

The new information came as part of a response to Moscow and Iran, which tried through Sputnik, to refute reports previously published Zaman al-Wasl. Sputnik, which is an arm of the Russian state, drew on a Russian and an Iranian expert to deny Zaman al-Wasl’s claims.

Sputnik and its experts referred to Zaman al-Wasl’s reports as mere “false allegations” aimed at igniting a conflict between Russia and the United States. Sputnik claimed Zaman al-Wasl portrayed Russia, North Korea and Iran as an “Axis of Evil”.

The experts went so far as to argue that Zaman al-Wasl’s reports, they refer to them as “propaganda”, aim at inciting the Americans to bomb al-Assad strategic military sites.

Photos for Iranian missile developing site in Tartus

Iran’s missile factory in Tartus to increase tension with US: report

Assad made secret visit to Iran-run missiles developing site in Tartus: sources

Speaking to Zaman al-Wasl, a well-informed source confirmed that at the end of 2013, the regime began building new facilities to the north-east of Masyaf (5.5 km away), in an area called al-Sheikh al-Ghadhban. The area includes the site of Project 111 which the source described as a failure.

Caption Box: “Zaman Al-Wasl will publish a short recording from al-Assad regime long-range missile production sites.”

The source added that by the end of 2016 the regime began installing Institute 4000’s production lines, for the manufacture of medium range missiles (220 mm, 302 mm) at the site in al-Sheikh al-Ghadhban. These are the same lines the regime previously moved from lines the New Aleppo site to this site.

Iran guaranteed to provide the necessary machines for the project regardless of whether the machines were damaged or the regime unable to transfer them from Aleppo for the project to begin production in early 2017, according to the source.

Zaman al-Wasl’s source confirmed that the production of M600 long-range rockets known as Maysalun and Tishreen will be carried out at the Wadi Jehanam site, which is still being prepared for production. According to the source, the site is expected to be ready for production by the end of 2017.

In a related context, the regime transferred the management of the Fourth Sector (which supervises the al-Sheikh al-Ghadhban and Wadi Jehanam sites) to a camp near the two sites. The move increased the sensitivity of the area and the security measures implemented in the area. The al-Sheikh al-Ghadban site is barely 25 kilometers south-east of the Wadi Jehanam site based on aerial photographs the source provided with his testimony.

هذه الصورة تم تصغيرها.لعرض الصورة كاملة انقر على هذا الشريط,. المقاس الأصلي للصورة هو 2845x913px.

Dr. Aziz Esber manages this sensitive sector (the Fourth Sector), which lies within the strongholds of sectarian pro-regime areas.

According to the source, the transfer of the missile production lines to the pro-regime strongholds coincides with the demobilization of the remaining Sunni experts. The source indicated that Iran is training pro-regime personnel to compensate for the lack of experts who have either been demobilized or dissented.

Zaman Al Wasl previously published two exclusive reports, the first revealing Bashar al-Assad’s secret visit to the Wadi Jehanam site to see the progress of work on the site. The Wadi Jehanam site is located within the rugged terrain known as Hell Valley located in the countryside of Tartus on the border of several villages that are administratively subordinate to Banyias.

The second report presented exclusive photographs taken of Wadi Jehanam along with information that Brigadier Ghassan Abbas is the director of the secret center under the direct sponsorship of Salam Tumah, the deputy director of the Center for Scientific Studies and Research.

The report recalled the testimony of a source from the Scientific Studies and Research in which the source spoke of Russian, North Korean and Iranian officers and personnel working in the region on top secret projects.

Zaman al-Wasl’s source revealed that he and others saw “large trucks enter the place carrying equipment and machines covered with wood,” and that the Russian and Korean specialists moved the equipment and machines to other trucks and covered them with tarpaulin amid heightened security from the Air Force Intelligence.”

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