MESOP NEWS : Erbil & Baghdad would never reach accord: party leader

4 Feb 2015 – Kurdpress – The leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Socialist Party Muhammad Haji Mahmoud expressed his doubt the two governments in Erbil and Baghdad could ever reach accord on different issues and creating three separate regions is the only way to solve the crisis in the state.

Speaking with Kurdistan Islamic Union official website, Haji Mahmoud creating three separate independent regions within a confederal system is the solution to crises is Iraq as the three lines of Kurds, Shiites and Sunnis cannot live together cooperatively. I have never believed in Baghdad-Erbil accord since whenever a problem is solved another tension pops up, adding that the current accord between the two governments in temporal and is due to the Islamic State (IS) insurgency in Iraq. “The situation made them to accord. None of them believes in the agreement and that is why I do not believe the accord could last long,” he concluded.