TO OUR PEOPLES AND THE PUBLIC OPINION / 22 Jan 2018 – Co-Presidency of KCK Executive Council

The AKP-MHP fascist rule in Turkey has begun the air and ground invasion operation against the Kurdish town of Afrin. This comes after months of threatening and targeting campaign. Turkey wants to destroy the democratic system which was established on the principle of brotherhood of Kurdish, Arab and Turkmen peoples.  There are two main reasons for these attacks. Firstly, the anti-Kurdish AKP-MHP fascist rule wants to destroy Kurdish people’s gains in Afrin. Secondly, the AKP-MHP which have come to the point of losing their power; so they try to shore up their fascist rule by carrying out this invasion operation.

From the early days of the Syrian civil war till now, the people of Afrin have been defending their area against the anti-human cihadist bandits. They have managed to beat off all the attacks of anti-human thugs, particularly those of ISIS and Nusra Front. Afrin has been a safe and free area within Syria, letting no cihadist foot on its ground. Hundreds of thousands of people fleeing from the conflict in other parts of Syria, particularly in Aleppo, have found a safe haven in Afrin. During all these years, the people of the Afrin area have been  administering their cities and towns. The women have had a leading role in this form of administration based on self-sufficiency. This has not only turned Afrin into a model for the democratization of Syria but also an example of democratization for the peoples in Turkey, too. The AKP-MHP fascist rule tries to curb this democratic  model, because they now the fact that the democratization of Syria will have implications for the solution of the Kurdish question. Receb Tayyip Erdogan got ISIS attack Kobani with the aim of strangling the desire of the Kurdish people for a free and democratic life. Once ISIS failed in fulfilling such an aim, Erdogan has decided to intervene himself. The AKP-MHP fascism stigmatizes all the democratic forces inside Turkey and abroad as terrorists.

In doing so, they want to eliminate all the democratic forces resisting their fascist rule. The motive behind their suppression of journalists, academics, and politicians is the same as the motive behind the attack in Afrin.

The AKP-MHP fascist rule’s enmity towards the Kurds is

inextricably intertwined with its anti-democratic nature. Therefore,

they attack all the democratic circles which they think may pose a

threat to their dictatorial reign. They want to portray the freedom

fighters of Afrin as the enemies of Turkey and thereby deepen

chauvinistic sentiments in a bid to increase support for their rule

while they attack democratic circles within Turkey. Therefore, the

attack on Afrin is an attempt to shore up the fascist rule of AKP-MHP

and at the same time is a campaign to suppress all the democratic

circles opposing AKP-MHP rule.


Russia and Syria which had closed the Syrian airspace to Turkey,

have given the Turkish regime the permission it desperately needed to

conduct air attacks. The people of Afrin have been waging a fierce

struggle against bandit groups like ISIS, and Nusra Front. Considering

the fact that the freedom fighters of Afrin and Syrian states fought

the same enemy for years, letting Turkey use Syrian air space for air

attacks against Afrin is a clear sign of a dirty deal against the

Kurds. The Syrian regime and Russia have made a dirty deal which will

not be in their own interests too. They have made a historical mistake

which has pitted the Kurds against them. Russia and the Syrian regime

can in no way justify their opening of the air space to Turkish jet.

This policy will be called into question and they will be regarded as

accomplices to this invasion and aggression.


The people of Afrin has had no aim other than a free and

democratic life on their own land. Their self-defense struggle has had

one focal point: resisting the aggression of the cihadist bandit

groups on their land. And they are now defending their free and

democratic life against the offensive of the Turkish army.


While Russia and the Syrian regime  let the Turkish state to use

the Syrian air space USA motivated the AKP-MHP fascists’ invasion by

declaring that Afrin is outside the areas of shared struggle against

ISIS. Therefore, USA once again became a party to the Turkish state’s

enmity towards the Kurds while it helped Tayyip Erdogan and Devlet

Bahceli shore up their fascist rule. Motivating and giving approval to

the attack on Afrin and conniving at the aggression means supporting

Erdogan and Bahceli fascist regime against the democratic circles. At

a time when the Erdogan-Bahceli fascism is about to collapse, not

opposing the Afrin invasion only secures Erdogan’s stay in power. Not

opposing the invasion of Afrin, both the USA, and the EU countries

have supported Erdogan-Bahceli’s oppression against the peoples of

Turkey. Thus, Russia, USA, and Europe have become parties to the

crimes committed by Erdogan-Bahceli fascism.


During the 20th century, the Kurds were subjected to genocidal

policies. International forces supported and connived at these

policies. As a result, one of the most ancient peoples of history has

been brought to the brink of elimination. Whenever the Kurdish people

have resisted the genocidal policies of the Turkish state, the USA and

EU have supported the NATO-member Turkey. The main of Turkey in

joining the NATO is seeking support for its genocidal policies against

the Kurds. Even today, securing this support is the main condition in

Turkey’s EU accession talks. These countries’ silence towards Turkey’s

genocidal policies against the Kurds means they have are accomplices

to the genocide of the Kurds just for securing some economic

interests. If USA and EU don’t oppose this genocidal and invasion

attacks they will be regarded as accomplice to genocide against the



The invasion attack on Afrin is at the same time an act of

aggression against all the libertarian and democratic circles in

Turkey, Syria and all the Middle East. AKP-MHP fascist rule have

targeted all the democratic dynamics of the Middle East with the aim

of creating a fertile ground for all the reactionary and despotic

forces, particularly ISIS and Nusra Front. Therefore, not only the

Kurdish people, but also all the peoples in Turkey, Syria, and the

Middle East who want democratization should stand against the Turkish

invasion of Afrin. The resistance in Afrin is not only the resistance

of the Kurds, but also the resistance of all the democratic forces of

the Middle East and the world.

The Turkish offensive against Afrin is neither in the interest of US,

nor that of Russia, Syira, EU, and the peoples of the Middle East.

Therefore, Russia, US, and the Syrian regime who let and motivated

Turkish attack on Afrin should review their policies and take clear

attitude against the invasion. Irresponsible attitudes cannot sustain

the ground for peace, democracy, and stability in the Middle East

created by paying heavy prices.


The Kurdish people in all parts of Kurdistan, particularly in

North Kurdistan, and in diaspora should support the Afrin resistance.

All the peoples of Syria, particularly the Arab, Kurdish, Assyrian,

and Turkmen people living in the Democratic Federation of Northern

Syria should see the fact that this attack is against them, too, and

should participate in the Afrin resistance.

The peoples of Afrin are one the basic democratic dynamics of the

Middle East. All of them, particularly the youth and the women should

resist shoulder to shoulder against the invasion forces. They should

defend their villages, districts, towns and cities against the

aggressors and turn Afrin into a grave for the AKP-MHP fascist gangs.


All the peoples in the world, , who defeated ISIS by standing in

solidarity with the freedom fighters of Kobani on November 1, 2014,

World Kobani Day, should stand by the resistance forces of Afrin and

defeat AKP-MHP dictatorship which has become a center and guardian for

the reactionary and despotic forces of the Middle East. Once the

AKP-MHP fascist rule is defeated, the dark days of the Middle East

will come to an end and the sun of  freedom and democracy will rise.

As Kurdish Freedom Movement, we will stand by the people of Afrin with

all our strength. Neither the Turkish state nor any other force will

be able to stop our people’s march for freedom and democracy. Turkey

will surely be  democratized and the peoples of the Middle East will

attain their freedom and democratic rights.


Co-Presidency of KCK Executive Council

21 January, 2018

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