MESOP MIDEAST WATCH: PKK Delegation Meets with Syrian Regime Intelligence Official in Damascus: Source

24.5.22 ERBIL — A high-level delegation from the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) visited Damascus in the recent days to meet with senior officials of the Syrian regime’s Intelligence Service, a source said.

Speaking to BasNews on condition of anonymity, the source, who is close to the Democratic Union Party (PYD), said the PKK delegation was led by Sabri Ok and met with Ali Mamluk,

a senior official of the Syrian intelligence service, to discuss the situation in the northeast of the country where the PKK-affiliated PYD is in control with partial influence of Damascus.

“The two sides agreed to calm the situation in the areas under the joint control of the parties, and work together based on previous agreements,” the source said.

Commenting on the developments, Kurdish activist Mahmoud Alu told BasNews that the PKK has never severed ties with the Syrian regime’s intelligence “even for a second”.

“There are multiple agreements between the two parties concerning the security of the common areas as well as the prosecution of Kurdish activists opposed to the regime,” Alu explained.

The activist further noted that the PKK occasionally arrests and hands over activists and politicians of the opposition parties, to Damascus. Abdul Rahman Abo, a leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party-Syria is an example, he said.

“The two sides have extensive commercial and economic ties, including providing the PYD administration with fuel through brokers, as well as providing pro-Ankara militias with all their fuel needs.”

Alu also added that the PKK’s priorities are economics and making money primarily for the party’s leadership in Qandil; and everything related to the Kurdish issue is secondary.