MESOP MIDEAST WATCH : Iraq’s defense minister says Turkey is accountable for Zakho’s deadly bombing, not PKK

Shad Sherko SULAIMANI (ESTA) — Iraq’s defense minister Jumah Enad on Monday said Turkey is accountable for Zakho’s deadly bombing not the Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK).Speaking in a press interview, Minister Jumah Enad told the reporter, “We demanded Turkey to pull out its forces but the country does not comply with Iraq’s demand”.

“Turkey has stationed a military brigade in Nineveh’s Bashiqa military base”, noting, “The country breached Iraq’s border 20 kilometers deep into its territory”.

On Turkey’s claim about accusing the PKK for Zakho’s deadly bombing, the minister stated that “Zakho’s deadly shelling is carried out with heavy artilleries bombs, 155mm shell, Turkey has conducted and accountable for it”, explaining that “ The Kurdistan Worker’s Party only owns light and semi-arms”.

Enad stressed, that whatever the cost is, we will not allow the right of the victims to be lost, in the meantime, he also said, “Iraq will be harmed if the country closes it with Turkey or cut off the ties”.

Earlier on Wednesday, the artilleries of Turkey shelled a touristic site of a resort in Parakh, killing nine Arab tourists as well as wounding 25, and authorities in Iraq including the foreign ministry and the Prime minister have explicitly accused Turkey of the attack.

Parakh village is located in Zakho district of Duhko province, northwest of the Kurdistan Region 10 kilometers away from Turkey’s border.