Eva J. Koulouriotis

21.5.22 This Israeli attack comes in light of changes that have begun to occur in the Syrian arena under the influence of the Russian invasion of #Ukraine and the continuous attrition of Russian forces. Τhese changes require careful reading.  At around eleven o’clock yesterday evening, the vicinity of the Syrian capital, #Damascus, was subjected to a missile attack carried out by the Israel Defense Forces, which initially targeted three sites.

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of #Ukraine on the 24th of last February, #Russia started by withdrawing some pilots and officers with experience who had proven their capabilities against the Syrian people. A number of them has already been killed in Ukraine

But what is new is that #Moscow, which has about 15 military bases spread across the Syrian geography, with forces comprising an average of about 15,000 soldiers, has begun evacuating some of its deployment sites in favour of #Iran.

On the ground, local sources confirmed that #Moscow has evacuated its forces at Kuwayris military airport, east of #Aleppo, in favour of the Quds Force. It also withdrew its forces from points in the southern and eastern countryside of Aleppo.

Replying to @evacool_From Washington, Jordanian King Abdullah II confirmed that there is a possible escalation on #Jordan‘s borders with #Syria, and the vacuum that Russia will leave will be filled by #Iran and its proxies

Jordan: Iran trying to fill Russian ‘vacuum’ in Syria – TV7 Israel News

Russia’s decision to redeployment troops from Syria to bolster the Kremlin’s forces in its war against Ukraine carries reverberating implications, says Jordanian King Abdullah II. By Jonathan Hessen…