MESOP LATEST : Rojava & South Kurdistan borders protected by YPG

ANF – TIL KOCER 13.06.2014 – Following the occupation of Mosul, YPG (People’s Protection Units) forces have lent their support to the Peshmerga forces in clashes with ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) gangs on the Rojava-South Kurdistan border, killing an ISIS leader. YPG forces are now in control of an area on the border from Til Koçer (Tel-Kuchik) to 10 kilometres south of the village of Jazaa.

The first clashes took place in a village close to the Yezidi area of Sinjar (Şengal). YPG commander Ferhat Hewler said ISIS gangs had attacked Peshmerga forces in the village of Xana Sor. He added that ISIS controlled a corridor from Tel Hemis in West Kurdistan (Rojava) to the village of Selemiye in South Kurdistan and on to Mosul. This area is to the north west of Sinjar where there are many Yezidi villages.

YPG forces kill ISIS amir

YPG commander Ferhat Hewler said that ISIS had attacked a military post on the border where Peshmerga were deployed and that YPG forces had gone to the area to support the Peshmerga. He said in clashes that lasted 7 hours they had killed many gang members, including an amir (leader). Hewler added that sporadic clashes were continuing in the area and that they would continue to support the Peshmerga forces. He added that they were in constant contact with them and acting with them in a coordinated way. He said that YPG forces had been deployed at certain points along the border with the knowledge of Peshmerga commanders.

The YPG took control of the Rabia border after the withdrawal of Iraqi troops for 15 hours in order to prevent an ISIS attack and to protect local people. With the arrival of Peshmerga forces the YPG handed the Rabia town and border post over to them.

YPG forces are protecting a border area from the Til Koçer (Tel-Kuchik) border post to 10 kilometres south of the village of Jazaa. While YPG forces  have announced their support for the Peshmerga, the Ministry for Peshmerga Affairs opted for denial.