MESOP LATEST : KRG Rejects Reports of Agreement with Baghdad

12.06.2014 –  BasNews, Erbil – Kurdistan KRG spokesmen have rejected reports that Kurdistan Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani has agreed with Iraqi PM Maliki to export Kurdish oil in return for help from Peshmarga forces to fight against ISIS in Northern Iraq.

Egyptian Newspaper Al Yawm al Thamn, as well as other publications across the Middle East, has been publishing reports in the last a few days and these reports allege that PM Barzani, Iraqi PM Maliki, and the United States are all in accord that Iraq is accepting Kurdish oil exports in return for Peshmarga assistance.

Safeen Dizayee, a KRG spokesman, stated on the official KRG website that the KRG vehemently rejected those reports stating an agreement was made between Kurdistan and the Iraqi government. He said that the reasons Kurds are fighting ISIS and supporting the Iraqi Army have nothing to do with oil. “Those reports are completely baseless and far from true,” added Dizayee, “KRG and Peshmarga are determined to protect Kurdistan and other Kurdish areas that are not under KRG authorities.”According to the latest information, Peshmarga forces currently control half of Mosul and have gained complete control of Kirkuk in Northern Iraq after the Iraqi Army deserted the area on Tuesday in the face of ISIS attacks.