MESOP LATEST (II) : OBAMA does not back Ankara policies in Syria: analyst

Kurdpress 15.7.2013 – Turkey Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan found out in his last visit to Washington that the White House does not back Ankara policies in Syria and tends not to directly intervene in the country, Turkish analyst Sonar Cagtapay said.

The US basic policies have greatly changed and Ankara has understood the reality after Erdogan’s visit the White House. Ankara has found out that US president Barack Obama does not intend to support Ankara policies in Syria, he said, adding that Turkey expectations from his main alley has greatly dwindled over the civil war in Syria. The US is keen to remain a witness in Syria, as well as Egypt developments and control the situation from afar, he said, revealing that there is a serious rift in Syria and the US political behavior in country and other Middle East developments. The US does not want to plan all regional developments as before, he went on to say.