MESOP LATEST : Fear of Syria Kurds empowering main reason behind postponing Kurdish congress: official

Kurd Press – 5.9.2013 – The main reason behind postponing Kurdish National Congress was some lines’ fear of Syria Kurds’ empowering not the elections of Kurdistan Region, a Syrian Kurdish official told Kurdpress.

Some lines in the Iraqi northern region are afraid of Syria Kurds getting empowered and that was the main reason of deferring the Kurdish National Congress, set for September 15, 16 and 17 Syrian pro-Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) official Naser Haji Mansour claimed.

“The upcoming Kurdistan Region’s parliament election cannot be a good excuse to postpone the congress. There are documents which prove the move linked to northern Syria developments,” he added to Kurdpress. Some of Kurdistan Region’s parties are sure Syria Kurdistan developments will top the agenda of the congress and the developments will not serve their benefits then they postponed the congress for the second time to change the course of the developments.