MESOP KRG : Kurdish Police Arrest Yazidi Demonstrators in Refugee Camps

2015-03-26 23:00 GMT – AINA NEWS – Yazidi protesters in Dohuk, Iraq injured by Kurdish police.(AINA) — According to a report by, dozens of Yazidis in a number of refugee camps in Dohuk province were arrested by Kurdish police on Tuesday, March 24, after trying to demonstrate in conjunction with Yazidi demonstrations in Brussels.

At a conference in Brussels held to discuss the situation of minorities in Iraq, hundreds of Yazidi demonstrators demanded international protection and recognition of what they were subjected to in Iraq as genocide. In Iraq thousands of Yazidi refugees turned out for peaceful demonstrations in camps for displaced people in the province of Dohuk, in support of the Brussels demonstration.

Kurdish police attempted to prevent the Yazidis from demonstrating in a number of camps because they lacked permits. Verbal exchanges between Yazidis and the police escalated into brawls, with the police using sticks and water cannons against the demonstrators.Approximately 25 young men and women protesters were arrested in Camp Bersfa in Zakho, Camp Khanak in Dohuk, and Camp Aqra. Dozens of demonstrators were seriously injured as a result of beatings by police and the force used by anti-riots units. The demonstrations arose spontaneously and in the absence of Yazidi religious and political figures.