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After 133 Days Kobani is Free – Kurdish fighters clear the besieged town from the IS militants

Basnews – KOBANI – 26 Jan 2015 – After 133 days of fighting Islamic State militants in the Syrian Kurdish city of Kobani, the Kurdish fighters of the People’s Protection Unit (YPG) and Peshmerga forces have cleared the city completely.

The London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said on Monday that YPG fighters with the support of Peshmerga forces and United States airstrikes have been able to re-capture the Kurdish city and clear it completely. Since Sep 15th 2014, IS militants have beseiged the city, however Kurdish fighters of the YPG/YPJ and then later Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga forces were able to withstand the attacks and prevent the city from falling into enemy hands. On Nov 6th, the Islamic State captured the strategic Mishtanur and raised its flag, however a few days ago YPG fighters recaptured the hill and raised their flag on the hill.

According to BasNews sources, even though there are still clashes in the east and southeast of Kobani, and Kurdish fighters clearing the city of IEDs, the city center is under the full control of Kurdish fighters. Ezzaddin Tamo, Kurdish Peshmerga commander in Kobani exclusively told BasNews that the Kurdish city is cleared of IS militants. “There still some spots of fighting in the outskirts of the city and there are still a number of IS snipers, but we can confirm the city has been almost completely cleared of IS militants,” added Tamo.

There is still not official confirmation from the YPG, however their official Twitter account stated that Kurdish fighters have retaken most of the city’s neighborhoods including; Kani Kurdan, Teshreen School and Maktalla Street. Meanwhile, senior Kurdish official Idriss Nassan said the extremist group had been mostly expelled with some sporadic fighting on the eastern edges of the town. “The Islamic State is on the verge of defeat, their defenses have collapsed and its fighters have fled”, added Nassan.Nassan said U.S.-led coalition strikes became more intense in the past few days, helping Kurdish fighters in their final push toward Islamic State group positions on the southern and eastern edges of the town. The U.S. Central Command said Monday that it had carried out 17 airstrikes near Kobani over the last 24 hours that struck Islamic State infrastructure and fighting positions.