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We are not seeking independent state but canton in Turkey: Cemil Bayik

The Kurds Communities Congress (KCK) co-chair Cemil Bayik stated that Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and the organization are not seeking independence from Turkey but demand the establishment a Kurdish canton in the state.Reiterating that the PKK has seen many changes since the day it was founded by its jailed leader Abdullah Ocalan in 1984, Bayik told Economist that the new PKK is quite different from the old PKK, denying a Marxist- Leninist ideology and party dictatorship. Now the PKK is seriously against the establishment of an independent state for Turkey Kurds, he said. “What we are going after is a free life in a democratic environment while keeping identity, culture and values.

The right to decide your fate should not be considered as creating an independent state. “We are not seeking to establish a big Kurdistan and unite all Kurds. If the Iraqi Kurds are seeking independence, that’s their own business.”He further asked for the establishment of a modern canton in Turkey what he called democratic federalism, adding that Ocalan is along with the structure. He, however, warned the current two-year-long peace process would end into new clashes and war would hit Turkey once more if Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdogan does not agree with the PKK demands, citing that presence of a third line in the talks no matter who or what country it is.

The KCK co-chair added the Islamic State insurgency on Kurds united the Kurds, especially forces affiliated with Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani and the PKK, as the PKK forces are fighting along the Iraqi Kurdish forces of Peshmerga in Kurdistan Region and Peshmerga forces are fighting against the jihadist group in Syria northern Kurdish town of Kobani, under the control of the PKK-affiliated YPG forces.