MESOP IRANIAN KURDS : PDKI IN GERMANY – Mustafa Hijri: “Iran has shown that it is against peace and tranquility & only seeks conflict & war”

by PDKI | on May 25, 2015 – PDKI`s leader, Musatafa Hijri, visited Germany last week to meet with German government officials and members of parliament.

On May 18th Mr. Hijri met with representatives of Germany’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. During the meeting Mustafa Hijri discussed the negative role of Iran in the region and the ongoing nuclear negotiations with Iran. Hijri expressed PDKI’s concern that removal of sanctions and potential incentives a deal might bring about could strengthen Iran and make the theocratic regime in Tehran more aggressive in the region.

Hijri also discussed the resent unrests in Mehabad as a clear sign for the brutal repression that Islamic Republic of Iran is subjecting the Kurdish people to.

Moreover, Hijri talked about the war against ISIS and said that Iran is one of the actors that is benefiting from the advances of ISIS. He stressed what Iran is the biggest sponsor of the terrorism in the region and uses ISIS’s advances to increase its influence in the region.

In two different visits to the German Parliament, on May 19 and 20, Hijri met with several members of parliament from the different factions. During these meetings Hijri stressed that despite PDKI’s attempts to reach a peaceful solution to the Kurdish issue in Iran, Iran has shown that it is against peace and tranquility and only seeks conflict and war.German members of parliament also expressed their concerns regarding sidelining the issues of human rights during the nuclear negotiations. They also stressed that they hoped that the P 5+1, especially Germany, take human rights violations in Kurdistan and Iran more seriously in their negotiations with Iran.