MESOP “IRAN BOUND”? – Unidentified helicopters open fire south of Iraqi Kurdistan Capital Erbil / Hewler

REUTERS / MESOP  13 Oct 2016 – Two military helicopters opened fire southeast of Iraqi Kurdistan capital of Erbil, an official said on Thursday, who warned shots would be fired if any other helicopters flew overhead in the area.The director of the Taqtaq sub-district, Ramk Ramazan, said during a press conference two unknown military helicopters flew over the sub-district, some 90 kilometers southeast of Erbil, on Wednesday night and opened fire.

Ramazan said the directorate informed the Kurdistan Region’s Ministry of Interior and they received permission to fire back if the situation is repeated.

“If we see any helicopter in the area next time and it creates trouble, we will shoot it down, because a helicopter shot a shepherd on another occasion on April 20, 2016,” Ramazan said.

The helicopters have not caused any casualties but they have created anxiety among the people, Ramazan added.

This is not the first time unknown military aircraft has opened fire in the Kurdistan Region.

Four unidentified planes flew over the Aghjalar sub-district northwest of Sulaimani on August 28 and fired at the village of Garaw, causing a huge fire in the area.

In a previous incident, two unknown helicopters fired at Kosret Mountain in Iraqi Kurdistan Region’s resort of Dukan northwest of Sulaimani city on July 17 setting fire to grass and hay.