MESOP INTERVIEW : Saudi Ambassador To Iraq Thamer Sabhan Insinuates Iraqi Government Involved In Anti-Sunni Ethnic Cleansing Near Iran’s Border

Thamer Al-Sabhan: “Let me ask you: How come in some Iraqi areas – like the Kurdish areas and Al-Anbar – they refused to let the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) enter?”

Interviewer: “Why?”

Thamer Al-Sabhan: “I don’t know. You can ask them.”

Interviewer: “Perhaps you know, but don’t want to tell…”

Thamer Al-Sabhan: “No. I just want to show you that the PMU are not welcomed by Iraqi society.”

Interviewer: “You must have followed or heard about what happened in Muqdadiyah and Diyala – it got a lot of press coverage in the Arab world. How do you view what happened? What conclusions did you draw from it?” – Watch all :