MESOP Head of Kobani Canton: 80% of the City is Destroyed

Basnews | Narin Kobani – 01.02.2015 – KOBANI – The Head of Kobani Canton, Anwar Muslim has announced that 80% of the buildings in Kobani city have been destroyed by Islamic State (IS) offensives. The destruction has affected every part of life.

He told BasNews, “After engineering teams clear the city of bombs by planted ISIS, the residents of Kobani can return. But before that, we also need to remove all the dead bodies left under wrecked buildings. “As a first step, younger people will be allowed to return to Kobani in order to attend to their businesses and their duties in the army and governmental offices. They will be needed to rebuild the city, provide services to pave the road for other residents to return home.”

Regarding the reconstruction of Kobani, Muslim said, “ We have formed a board of reconstruction specialists who will do research on destruction and make an appropriate plan and design to undertake the rebuilding of Kobani. The board also has contacted charity organizations and other related parties to ask for a helping hand in rebuilding the city.

“Any charity or human rights organisation which is willing to participate in the rebuilding of Kobani, must contact the Reconstruction Board of Kobani”, added Muslim. He emphasized that the Reconstruction Board of Kobani is the only authorized party in this matter. He also invited all countries and humanitarian and international organizations to help Kobani’s people return to their home. “This city has defended humanity against the cruelest terrorist organization in the world,” Muslim Said. He continued, “We need to provide humanitarian aid and facilities for the residents of Kobani. They suffered starvation and displacement for a long time, so we must help them to return home.” Kobani resisted intensive attacks by IS for 133 days and during these clashes most of the buildings and facilities were destroyed.