MESOP GOOD JOB – Barzani to Talk Independence in Washington / Kurdistan Region President expected to visit United States soon

Basnews | Karzan Sabah Hawrami – 22 Apr 2015 – The Kurdistan region president Massoud Barzani to visit United States soon, as one member of the delegation outlines the expected talking points of president’s visit.

As part of his preparations for the visit, on Monday April 20th, President Barzani met with the Kurdish political party leaders to discuss the agenda of his visit to Washington. Abdulla Wartie, the politburo member of the Islamic Movement of Kurdistan and a member of the anticipated Kurdish delegation to US told BasNews on Tuesday that “Discussing Mosul liberation with American senior officials will be one of the most important points of the president Barzani’s trip agenda to US”. “The agenda talking points were set after the president met with all political parties in Kurdistan region as the leaders all agreed that liberating Mosul, the Iraqi second largest city from Islamic State (IS), is a must to guarantee the security of Iraq and further stability of Kurdistan region as well” Wartie pointed out.

He also added “From a national security point of view all the Kurdish leaders agreed that the decision for participating Peshmerga forces in freeing Mosul should be made in accordance with the agreement of Parliament and the people of Kurdistan as this issue is a responsibility of the Iraqi government rather than Peshmerga”.

According the to the Kurdish official “Coalition forces said that they do not want to deploy their ground troops to Iraq, in return they want to provide Peshmerga forces with adequate logistical support, therefore President Barzani is going to push American officials to fulfill their promises to Peshmerga forces”. In relation to the Kurdistan independency Wartie mentioned “Barzani is going to address this issue as one of the main part of his agenda with Americans”. “All Kurdish parties insisted that the root of our current issues goes back to the lack of national independency for our region”, added the Kurdish Islamic official. Kurdish politician stated that “During the meeting I suggested to President Barzani to form a new committee to supervise the Kurdistan independency issue and work closely with international community to gain as much as support as possible for our independency, especially now that US is well aware that the political map of Middle East must change”.