Europol set up special unit to combat PKK

It has emerged that the European Union law enforcement agency, Europol, has set up a special unit to coordinate action against the PKK. It has been learned that the unit, called the “Target Group Bazaar” and set up under the auspices of the German Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA), last met in November. German Left Party deputy Andrej Hunko has called on the German Government to end its efforts to eliminate the Kurdish movement.

Despite the PKK’s effective struggle against ISIS gangs in the Middle East, the approach of Western countries to the Kurdish freedom movement has not changed. In a reply by the Berlin Government to a question by German deputy Andrej Hunko, it was made clear that efforts to combat the PKK by the European Union law enforcement agency, Europol, are continuing.In the reply it was stated that “Target Group Bazaar” had been set up in particular to tackle the PKK’s financial sources and to ensure the flow of technical information. It was stated that the unit met regularly to prepare operations on the initiative of the BKA, and was attended by officials from Austria, Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, the UK and Europol.

Last meeting in November 2014

In the reply by the Federal Government it was said that the unit met in The Hague, on April 15 and lastly between 12 and 14 November 2014. At these meetings information was given by participants regarding investigations into the PKK.While the Federal Government claimed it did not have the right to intervene in the meetings of this unit, it admitted that the BKA had shared information with the unit on several occasions. Left Party deputy Andrej Hunko, who put down the question regarding Europol in the Federal Parliament, criticised the policy of the EU and Germany towards the Kurdish freedom movement.

Hunko said the Federal German Government had adopted a conscious policy of attempting to smash and eliminate the PKK, adding that the Kurdish freedom movement was struggling to protect the Kurdish administrations in Syria. Hunko said the BKA had attended such meetings 11 times since 2010, adding: “In the same period there have also been 7 meetings between the BKA and Turkish intelligence.”