MESOP FOCUS : The Dutch Defense Minister visits Kurdistan Region / MORE SUPPORT TO KRG

Basnews – 15.05.2015 – ERBIL – On a visit to Kurdistan Region, the Netherland Defense Ministry reiterates the country’s humanitarian and military support for Kurdistan Region.

At a meeting with the Defense Minister, KRG Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani stated that Peshmerga could push Islamic State (IS) militants out of Kurdistan Region borders but the threat has not completely gone away. According to statement released by KRG, “PM Barzani has met the Dutch delegation led by Defense Minster Jeanine Hennis on Thursday, 14th of May” – “Defense Minster acknowledged the Peshmerga forces for taking part in the trainings successfully which is given by Dutch army officers based in Kurdistan Region”.

“The Dutch Minister valued the sacrifices made by Peshmerga to protect Kurdistan Region”. The statement continues, “She also stated that Islamic State is not only a threat to KRG but to the whole world, therefore Netherland will continue delivering further militarily and humanity aid for KRG”. The Senior Dutch official acknowledged KRG’s effort to provide shelter to a huge number of refugees who escaped the terror threat posed by IS militants. In return, KRG PM Barzani acknowledged the people and government of Netherland for their outstanding support to KRG and training Peshmerga forces. PM explained, “Peshmerga fulfilled their tasks properly to fight terrorists and will continue doing so to protect human rights, freedom and democracy in the region” . “We have, to a great extent, stopped IS atrocities but a real threat still exists, therefore military and humanity assistances are still crucial for KRG to eradicate the terrorists”. “We wish to Netherland continue train our Peshmerga as this has already improved military performance of our Peshmerga,” PM concluded.