PUK gives Kurdistan Parliament ten days to elect its presidency

8 March 2014 – Shafaq News / Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) announced on Saturday that its bloc in Kurdistan Parliament has given Parliament ten days to elect its president and start the process of forming a new government in the region.

“The citizens of Kurdistan region have waited a long time for the election of their parliaments’ presidency and ask to form a government of national unity , indicating that it is out of concern for the political process has made the bloc efforts through a number of steps , including speed up the formation of the government and provide a memorandum to members of parliament and political blocs by 88 members,” A statement by the bloc received by “Shafaq News”.

He added that 167 days have passed on the election of the fourth session of the parliament and the winning blocs did not agree so far to elect a speaker of parliament and form the government.  He said that the bloc announce it emphasizes on the need to elect a speaker of parliament within ten days in order to start the process of defining the parties that form the government. The statement waved that in the absence of electing a chairman of the parliament during this period , the bloc will call all parliamentary blocs to resolve the matter , conduct a meeting of parliament and elect its presidency in accordance with legal regulations , calling to consider the interests of the people because of the sensitivity of the situation in order to end this unwanted situation and start a new phase of common interests. Kurdistan Parliament elections had been held last September but the differences among the political blocs on government positions prevented the election of a chairman of the parliament and the formation of a new government in the region , despite negotiations conducted by the candidate of Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) , Nechirvan Barzani , as the largest winners in the elections