MESOP FOCUS : Iraqi Shiite Militia Vows to ‘Deal’ With Deployed US Marine Detachment


Monday, 21 March 2016 19:29 – shafaaq-news – / The Asaib Ahl Haq Shiite paramilitary group in Iraq on Monday warned it would “deal” with the US Marines detachment recently deployed in the country in efforts against the Islamic State (ISIL or Daesh) jihadists.

US Central Command said in a statement Sunday the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit was assigned to support Iraqi Security Force and coalition ground operations in the campaign against Daesh, outlawed in many countries, including Russia. Involved in both Iraqi and Syrian conflicts and whose name translates as League of the Righteous, Asaib Ahl Haq argued that the United States’ “attempt to rebuild its presence in the country under the pretext” of fighting Daesh was “suspicious.”

The group was said to be behind several attacks on the US military in the mid-2000s in Iraq and rejoined the political reconciliation process after the end of major combat operations.