BBC suspends cooperation with Turkish private broadcaster NTV

15.6.2013 – The BBC has announced with a statement that it is suspending its partnership with private Turkish broadcaster NTV, after the latter decided to not to air one of its flagship programs.

BRAZIL : Protesters chant ‘Turkey is here!’ / ‘PEACE IS OVER!’

SAO PAOLO –  15.6.2013 – Brazilians took to the streets in several big cities to denounce the bus fare increase in protests that saw a heavy intervention from the police and accusations of vandalism by officials.  “Peace is over, Turkey is here!” was one chant on the night of June 13 during the protests in several Brazilian cities. An estimated 5,000 protesters who took to the streets in Sao Paolo, including many university students, moved peacefully through the streets, with some waving Turkish flags in recognition of the protests that were sparked over the demolition attempt of Istanbul’s Gezi park. Some said that protests were inspired from the recent demos in Turkey.