MESOP FLASH : ‘We will back Assad until the end of the road’: Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

ARA News – 3 June 2015 – Damascus, Syria – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said Tuesday that his country will back the Syrian regime of President Bashar Assad “until the end of the road”.

Rouhani’s statement indicated the unlimited Iranian military and logistic support to the Assad regime in the war against opposition fighters. “The Iranian nation and government will remain at the side of the Syrian nation and government until the end of the road,” Rouhani was quoted by state media as saying. The Iranian President said in a meeting with Syria’s parliament speaker in Tehran on Tuesday that his country is committed to back Assad and his regime. “Tehran has not forgotten its moral obligations to Syria and will continue to provide help and support on its own terms to the government and nation of Syria,” Rouhani said. This comes amid reports of retreat by pro-Assad forces from major areas in northern Syria after losing battles with rebel forces.