MESOP FLASH : Peshmarga forces deployed to Syria border

22.5.2013 – KURDPRESS / MESOP – The military forces of Kurdistan Region, known as Peshmarga, were deployed to the self- ruling enclave’s border with Kurdish regions of Syria after blames were traded between Kurdistan Region’s president Massoud Barzani and Salih Muslim the co- leader of Syrian pro- Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD), affiliated with Kurdistan Workers Party, ANHA news agency quoted local official as saying.

The Peshmarga forces, carrying heavy weapons are on alert and have banned any filming from the region, the agency said in the report. The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has shut the border after 74 al-Party members who had received training in Kurdistan Region entered illegally into Syria and were arrested by the forces in the region, PYD Deputy Dr. Jaaffar said. Meanwhile Peshmarga Commander Azad Mirani met the forces of YPG, military branch of PYD, without discussing the deployment of Peshmarga forces to border with Syria.