MESOP FLASH / NATO MEETING : Davutoglu talking Syria to France and Germany

25.4.2013 – MESOP – Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu said during NATO meetings he had made a comparison of the situation in Syria with the populations of NATO members Turkey, France and Germany, which are almost equal. “If you compare Syria’s 20 million-strong population and at the same proportion, it would mean 1 million killings, 4 million refugees and 15 million displaced people,” he said. “This is a tragedy.”

According to Davutoğlu, there are three options:  1- Leaving it as it is & watching this human tragedy,  – 2- Foreign intervention similar to the Balkans in ‘90s, which requires a U.N. resolution,  – 3- Supporting the opposition.

Talking to Bashar al-Assad for a political solution? “There is no one who talked to al-Assad longer than me,” Davutoğlu replied. “From now the only thing that should be discussed with him could be talking about his terms to leave power.”