18.6.2013 – Renowned Turkish-German Filmproducer, Fatih Akın, has appealed for a halt to the use of excessive force against protestors in an open letter to President Abdullah Gül.Akın, who directed the 2004 Berlin Film Festival Golden Bear winner film “Head-On,” wrote, “I call out to the ones with conscience; stop this violence.” The director listed a number of examples of excessive force — police firing pepper spray in closed spaces; detaining “as terrorists” the volunteer doctors who helped wounded protestors; a 14-year old child su ffering from a cerebral haemorrhage due to a gas bomb capsule shot by police — and stated “Police are intervening with tons of tear gas, gassed water, rubber bullets, without differentiating among people.”

The letter continued:

Not long, ten years ago, you and your party fought for your fundamental rights and freedoms… Shouldn’t you be the one who understands this society the best?… I don’t want to think that you have removed your conscience shirt like the others who have put on the governing shirt. I call out to the ones with conscience; stop this violence!